Esse 125SE wood burning stove esse 39" gas fire

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Clarke Potbelly Standard - Wood Burning Stove £95 Inc vat & delivery

Clarke Potbelly Standard Cast Iron Stove

£238 Inc vat & shipping

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Flues and Connectors                                      Part No    

1000mm Straight Flue/5"Dia                           6911125

500mm Straight Flue Pipe with Door 5"Dia      6911115

500mm Straight Flue Pipe 5"Dia                      6911135

90°Tee Flue Pipe with Soot Box 5"Dia             6911155

45 Degree Elbow 5"Dia                                   6911165

45 Degree Elbow with Door 5"Dia                    6911175

Cast iron stoves accessories
If you are looking for a stove for smaller spaces such as houseboats etc with a high heat output the Pot Belly series stoves and wood burners could be ideal. You can burn wood and off-cuts, waste wood etc., making it a very economical way to heat your home. Refuelling is through the door on the front. The stoves come in three sizes standard, large and extra large.