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Clarke Junior Victoria - Cast iron Stove - Wood Burner  

£443 vat & delivery

If you want a stove / wood burner with an ornate look and medium heat output, take a look at the Junior Victoria cast iron stove. This model can give up to 7kw of heat output and is highly efficient. Features include self cleaning of the front viewing glass, and a combustion rate that can be altered.

Clarke Junior Victoria cast Iron Stove

£443 vat & shipping

Flues and Connectors                                      Part No    

1000mm Straight Flue/6"Dia                           6911130

500mm Straight Flue Pipe with Door 6"Dia      6911120

500mm Straight Flue Pipe 6"Dia                      6911140

90°Tee Flue Pipe with Soot Box 6"Dia             6911160

45 Degree Elbow                                            6911170

45 Degree Elbow with Door 6"Dia                   6911180  

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